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Prop It Up Again! is a program to recycle and reuse theatre props in the Twin Cities area.  This program is designed to bring extra income while reducing waste and time spent on creating these unique props and small, versatile set pieces.

An added benefit to participating organizations is the cost saving incurred when they can rent original props for a very specific purpose.


After your  production, you have the opportunity to donate the props of your choice (which you do not desire to store or use again) to the Prop It Up Again! program.

In exchange for your donation, Prop It Up will:

  1. Store the props.
  2. Photograph each prop.
  3. Catalog them.
  4. Display props on our website and market these items to other theatre groups.
  5. Manage all rental and returns of the props.

Best of all, any time your props are rented through the program, you will receive 25% of the rental fee.


  1. Contact us with a list of the props, the production it was created for (if applicable), the approximate dimensions and a snapshot of each item. In some cases, we may visit your organization if there are multiple props or photos are not available.
  2. For all props taken for the Prop It Up Again! program, the organization will provide the approximate value. This value will be used to establish a rental fee.
  3. Transportation of the props to our warehouse will be provided by the donating organization. Alternative transportation arrangements may be available in special circumstances.  


The agreement will be in effect for 2 years from the date the prop is first posted on our website or until it is taken out of the rental pool.  Props may be taken from the rental pool for reasons we deem necessary such as lack of rental, storage issues, damage from rental, etc. When a prop is removed from the inventory, the donating organization will have the option to reclaim it. If a prop is damaged during a rental, any rental damage income will be split equally.

Join us in our commitment to make a positive difference by rethinking the way you work with props. Join the Prop It Up Again! program today.

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